The Hardiness concept underlies our award-winning approach to helping employees and organizations deal effectively with change. Hardy employees and organizations take the lead in change because they possess key attitudes that motivate innovative, constructive, and performance enhancing, problem solving. The research is clear: employees and organizations high in HardiAttitudes and HardiCoping show greater performance, leadership, morale, conduct, and health (see the Hardiness Publication Link).

Employees and Work Teams Can Learn to Become Hardier.

Stressful business changes can erode the hardiest of organizations, let alone those organizations that are low in hardy characteristics to begin with. Businesses faced with reorganization and marketplace pressures need a workforce capable of turning adversity to opportunity if they are to thrive. Today’s manager has the added challenge of finding innovative ways to motivate and grow their employees in the face of seemingly adverse workplace changes.

HardiSurvey® assessment is your first step in taking the lead in change. Organizations that want to continue to thrive in changing times need to evaluate how their employees manage stressful changes. The HardiSurvey® is a powerful addition to your personnel recruitment, and performance evaluation measurements. Used across a number of settings and populations, the HardiSurvey® predicts performance, leadership, stamina, and health in the military, sports, the Olympic team, schools, business, and in medical settings (see the HardiSurvey® Test Link).

Our HardiTraining® program is your next step. HardiTraining® teaches managers how to grow a hardy workforce. Our training approach prepares management to deal effectively with stressful changes (see the HardiTraining® Link).