Today, our lives are so complex that most of us cope daily with many stressful changes.  Even the hardiest of us can feel weary under such pressure. You may want hardiness training for yourself, to cope better with the pressures. Whether or not you are low in hardy characteristics, life’s challenges require that we continually strengthen hardiness attitudes and resources to help us turn adversity into opportunity for new learning, growth, and personal renewal.

And, the great news is: You can learn to be hardier. Through individual coaching sessions, you can learn how to strengthen hardy attitudes and skills that teach you how to turn stressful living changes to your advantage.  No matter the roles you play in life or the living transitions that you may be experiencing, such as marriage, birth, death in a loved one, divorce, return to school, career shift, illness in self or others, retirement, or geographic relocation, with hardiness under your belt, you are sure to successfully navigate these stressful changes.

You may also want to take our HardiSurvey® test to evaluate the stress you currently labor under, its impact on your physical, mental, and behavioral well-being, the way you cope with such changes, and the quality of your hardiness resources for helping you to resist the negative effects of stressful changes (see the HardiSurvey® Test link; you can take the test right now).  

We have Certified Hardiness Trainers (CHT) throughout the country that can help train you in our award-winning approach to managing personal and professional change.