Our individual mentoring and coaching sessions use the hardiness approach to personal and career development in a manner that improves performance, efficiency, leadership, and collaborative spirit. Some managers have difficulty in the communication and social interaction skills that they need to effectively supervise, be supervised, and lead.

Our comprehensive training builds in you hardiness attitudes and a hardiness skill-set that will help you to minimize the impact of stressful changes in your life, see ways to create new living opportunities from what is happening, and put what you find into action.

Your relationships with people at home and at work improve. We use the powerful HardiSurvey® along with other assessment tools to pinpoint where improvement is needed. We customize coaching sessions to suit your or your organization’s needs. Through ongoing periodic assessment, we chart the trainee’s progress until the process is complete.

When is individual coaching needed, in the workplace?
If marketplace, work-task, or work community stressful changes challenge your ability to effectively cope, lead, and to do your job, you need individual coaching in the hardiness approach to managing stressful change. Individual coaching in the hardiness approach is basic training for transitioning into a new position, making the best with where you are at, and in developing performance effectiveness resources that help you personally and professionally navigate 21st century workplace changes that are here to stay.

Benefits for the Employee and the Organization include:

  • Appreciating the situation of subordinates, and constructing an environment for them that brings out the best they have to offer,
  • Appreciating the situation of supervisors, so as to help them by contributing more to overall effort,
  • Improving the relationships with supervisees and coworkers through the development of attitudes and resources that bolster your ability to assist and encourage
  • Improve your ability to develop work community collaboration.