The Hardiness Institute offers a variety of workshops that emphasize individual and organizational stress mastery, performance, and leadership effectiveness. All workshops cover comprehensively the types of risk factors that influence performance, leadership, and general well-being, as well as the resistance resources individuals and groups need to manage a highly complex and changing world.

 We tailor our workshops to fit the interests, needs, and background, of the participants. Shorter workshop formats introduce the participants to the Hardiness Model for Performance, Leadership, and Health Enhancement, and then inform as to how it relates to the workshop topic. The longer workshop format adds an interactive learning dimension that uses exercises and other learning techniques to provide the participant with a hands-on experience.

Typical Hardiness Workshop topics include, but are not limited to:

  • Mastering 21st century workplace trends, including an analysis of the typical sources of stress in contemporary work life (such as downsizing, reorganization, mergers), and a strategy for turning change to advantage so as to enhance performance, leadership, and market edge, while remaining productive and satisfied.
  • Mastering disruptive changes and conflicts in private life, which can include a range of typical living problems, or can emphasize subjects such as divorce, loneliness, marriage, addictions that include food, alcohol and drugs, or career.
  • Mastering the difficulties of retirement and aging, emphasizing techniques that help retirees to cope with health, career, and family shifts, and to find ways to renew oneself despite such changes.
  • Mastering the stresses of serious illness, indicating how one can use these stressful changes, as a springboard to deepen understanding and appreciation of life. 
  • Mastering Organizational Growing Pains: Growing employees from within and retaining them. This workshop emphasizes the culture shock that can occur when a company transitions from a small to a large revenue enterprise.