Many colleges and universities offer Hardiness Training to their at-risk students. They conduct evaluation studies that show that Hardiness training helps their students to in school and to graduate successfully.

When compared to other lifestyle and performance programs offered at these institutions, Hardiness Training surpasses the other programs in increasing student performance and retention. Their students learn how to master the many stresses they encounter while they work to develop themselves professionally and personally.

Trio Student Support Services, Utah Valley State College

The Hardiness Institute is very thankful to UVSC, and UVSC’s Director of Trio Student Support Services Mr. Keith Jensen, for making Hardiness Training a reality on their campus and for their continued support of our program, and their effort to provide students with every opportunity to forge a satisfying life.

Summer Bridge Program, University of California, Irvine

In 1999, the University of California, Irvine, under the direction of Dr. Stephen Dominquez, and Dr. Joseph Mestas in Student Support Academic Services, brought Hardiness Training to students in the summer bridge program. Since then, Dr. Dominquez and Dr. Mestas moved to bring Hardiness training to all students on the UCI campus by offering it as an elective. The Hardiness Institute is very thankful to UCI, and Dr. Dominquez and Dr. Mestas, in their support and efforts to bring hardiness training to UCI college students.

Dr. Maddi: Part of the Yale and UCI Santa Ana Project

For the past three years, Dr. Maddi has been a seminar leader in a grant-funded program hosted by Yale University, the University of California, and the Santa Ana School District. This program mentors Santa Ana teachers from middle school on up, in their continuing education efforts to enhance teaching methods, and to develop courses that improve their student’s ability to learn, to think, and to solve problems in ways that promote constructive development. Again, we want to thank UCI’s Dr. Juan Lara, and Ms. Barbara Albayati for giving us a presence in this valuable and exciting program, and the Santa Ana teachers for their enthusiasm and continued support.